Thursday, November 21, 2019

Locating Bony Landmarks Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Locating Bony Landmarks - Coursework Example To locate the bony structure that engulfs the chest is known as the thoracic cage or rib cage and is made up of 25 different bones: 24 ribs and1 sternum. The sternum is a thin horizontal bone that is made up of three joined bones namely of the xiphoid process, the gladiolus, and the manubrium. The manubrium is the most superior fragment of the sternum and has a unique concave superior design called the suprasternal notch. One can feel the suprasternal notch by inserting the middle finger of your hand straight in the frontal midline at the back of the neck. The horizontal facet of the manubrium, note the coastal aspect of the first pair of rib and the demi facet for the second pair rib. The frame of the sternum is the central, elongated section of the sternum whose horizontal margins are concave six times. Once with a demi facet for the second pair of rib and five times with coastal surfaces for third pair ribs and pair numbers seven. The sternal outlook the brim of merging between th e body and the manubrium is an essentially quantifiable landmark as it is the location of connection of the second rib, lesser to which is the second intercostal space. At this particular points, auscultation of distinct heart valves can best be felt. The xiphoid process is the lower-most section of the sternum and has no coastal surfaces linked with it. Normally the xiphoid process is a small sword-like however occasionally it is bifid and from time to time it has a foramen or hole in it. In both males and females, there are 12 pairs of ribs.

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