Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Terrorism Not A Way Essays - Fireworks, , Term Papers

Terrorism Not A Way -------**** LISTS OF SUPPLIERS AND MORE INFORMATION ****-------- Most, if not all, of the information in this publication can be obtained through a public or university library. There are also many publications that are put out by people who want to make money by telling other people how to make explosives at home. Adds for such appear frequently in paramilitary magazines and newspapers. This list is presented to show the large number of places that information and materials can be purchased from. It also includes fireworks companies and the like. COMPANY NAME AND ADDRESS WHAT COMPANY SELLS FULL AUTO CO. INC. EXPLOSIVE RECIPES, P.O. BOX 1881 PAPER TUBING MURFREESBORO, TN 37133 UNLIMITED CHEMICALS AND FUSE BOX 1378-SN HERMISTON, OREGON 97838 AMERICAN FIREWORKS NEWS FIREWORKS NEWS MAGAZINE WITH SR BOX 30 SOURCES AND TECHNIQUES DINGMAN'S FERRY, PENNSYLVANIA 18328 BARNETT INTERNATIONAL INC. BOWS, CROSSBOWS, ARCHERY MATERIALS, 125 RUNNELS STREET AIR RIFLES P.O. BOX 226 PORT HURON, MICHIGAN 48060 CROSSMAN AIR GUNS AIR GUNS P.O. BOX 22927 ROCHESTER, NEW YORK 14692 R. ALLEN PROFESSIONAL FIREWORKS CONSTRUCTION P.O. BOX 146 BOOKS & FORMULAS WILLOW GROVE, PA 19090 MJ DISTRIBUTING FIREWORKS FORMULAS P.O. BOX 10585 YAKIMA,WA 98909 EXECUTIVE PROTECTION PRODUCTS INC. TEAR GAS GRENADES, 316 CALIFORNIA AVE. PROTECTION DEVICES RENO, NEVADA 89509 COMPANY NAME AND ADDRESS WHAT COMPANY SELLS BADGER FIREWORKS CO. INC. CLASS B AND C FIREWORKS BOX 1451 JANESVILLE, WISCONSIN 53547 NEW ENGLAND FIREWORKS CO. INC. CLASS C FIREWORKS P.O. BOX 3504 STAMFORD, CONNECTICUTT 06095 RAINBOW TRAIL CLASS C FIREWORKS BOX 581 EDGEMONT, PENNSYLVANIA 19028 STONINGTON FIREWORKS INC. CLASS C AND B FIREWORKS 4010 NEW WILSEY BAY U.25 ROAD RAPID RIVER, MICHIGAN 49878 WINDY CITY FIREWORKS INC. CLASS C AND B FIREWORKS P.O. BOX 11 (GOOD PRICES!) ROCHESTER, INDIANA 46975 BOOKS THE ANARCHIST COOKBOOK II-IV (highly circulated) THE IMPROVISED MUNITIONS MANUAL (formulas work, but put maker at risk) MILITARY EXPLOSIVES Two manuals of interest: Duponts Blaster's Handbook, a $20 manual mainly useful for rock and seismographic operations. Atlas's Powder Manual or Manual of Rock Blasting (I forget the title, it's in the office). This is a $60 book, well worth the cash, dealing with the above two topics, plus demolitions, and non-quarry blasting. -= Exodus =-

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